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Team Building Ideas For Corporate Events

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  • 30-08-2019
Team Building Ideas For Corporate Events


Fun Team Building Ideas For Corporate Events

"To ensure that your business is as successful as possible, it is vital that your employees can work well together. One of the most effective ways to develop these relationships is taking part in team-building exercises."

There is a good chance that your employees would have taken part in team-building before and they have may have done the same activities several times. 

Therefore it can be a good idea to introduce new things so that your employees enjoy the activities and get the most out of them. You may find the following ideas useful when you are planning your next team building event.

Scavenger Hunt

Spending time out of the office is a great opportunity for your team to socialise with colleagues that they might not interact with that much at work. A scavenger hunt around the city in your office is based can be a good way to get everyone out of the workplace for the day. 

You can create your own scavenger hunt or you may be able to find one online for most major cities. Your employees can use their phones to take photos of what they find and of each other as they progress through the game. 

What's My Name?

You may have played this game before, but it is a lot more fun when there are more people involved. Your employees will have the name of a famous person on their forehead and they will have to ask their colleagues questions to try and work out who they are. 

People should also react to their colleagues the way that they would to the name that they are displaying. This game is a good choice for team building because there is no chance that anyone could get carried away with competitiveness. 

Mini Festival

If you have a large team of employees and a nearby garden or field that you can take advantage of, then a mini-festival can help blow off steam while enjoying the sunshine.

You will need access to basic DJ equipment and a power supply such as a silent generator. As long as you do not have neighbours to annoy, your mini festival can rave on into the night.

Flash Mobbing

A flash mob is a group of people that put on a performance such as a song or dance in public and then disperse as soon as the performance has ended. This is fast becoming considered one of the most innovative and fun activities that you can do as a team-building exercise. 

There will be members of the team that are better performers than others and performing in public will not come naturally to everybody. However, what it does teach your employees is working together to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and has a good time.

Board Game Tournament

A board game tournament can be a good way to bring out the competitiveness within your team while remaining in the office. This can go on for some time so it may be an idea to put a whole day aside where you can focus on this. You should choose games where it does not take too long to play each round such as Jenga. 

As the tournament progresses and there are fewer people involved then you can introduce games that may take a bit longer to play.  

Office Trivia Night 

You can hold your trivia 'night' in the day when your staff are in the office anyway. Although they usually take place in a bar you can provide soft drinks for your staff and some food in the place of bar snacks. 

Your employees should be split into teams and the team at the end of the quiz with the most points will be the winner. There are plenty of quiz questions online that you can use or you may want to make up your own questions. 


Not everyone has great cooking skills but this can be part of the fun when you are holding a cook-off. You can divide your employees into teams and give each team a recipe to follow. 

This is a good way for people to develop their leadership skills and work out what their strengths are when working as a team. If you want to encourage creativity among your team then you could just give them some ingredients rather than a recipe and see what they come up with. 

Sneak A Peak  

Sneak a peak is one of the best ways to encourage your employees to work together as a team. One person draws a picture or creates something with lego and the teams then have to recreate this item as closely as possible. 

One member of each team gets to look at the creation for ten seconds and then they have to go back and describe it to the rest of the team. If the team do not feel as if they have got it quite right, then another member of the team can go and have a look for ten seconds. 

We hope that you will get some great ideas for team building activities in this page. If you are considering a corporate event, be sure to check out our guide to planning a corporate event.

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