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Planning a Team Building Event

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  • 30-08-2019
Planning a Team Building Event


5 Tips for Planning a Team Building Event

"If this is the first time, organising a team-building event it may seen like there is never enough time available to plan everything required."

Planning an event is an overwhelming process, especially when you had never done the process before. The steps below will help you in simplifying the planning process and organising a fun and memorable event.

Ensure you are planning an exciting activity which will be liked by everyone and run without a hiccup. 

1. Determine Your Timeline

The golden rule when it comes to planning a team building event: The more time you give yourself to prepare, the easier it will be to plan.

Event planning experts typically recommend at least four to six weeks to plan an activity for less than 100 people. If your event is larger than that, try to have a minimum of four to six months.

Once you’ve determined your rough timeline, it is a good idea to create a task list to plan your scheduling in more detail. A list like this can help you track when things need to be completed by. 

2. Set Up Your Planning Team

As you may already know – or may be finding out – it can be difficult for one person to plan an entire team building event. 

There are so many moving parts that it would be almost impossible for one individual to take full responsibility for the entire thing.

By setting up a team to help you plan, you can delegate tasks, and easily get the opinions of your colleagues to help you make decisions for your event. 

Putting together a team also gives you the option of appointing someone else to take the lead if your workload is too heavy, or you’ll be out of office during the planning process.

3. Define Your Goal

Having a clearly defined objective or purpose for your team building activity can help ensure it’s both fun and effective. But unless your boss has told you specifically what the goal of your team building event is, you may not know where to begin.

When answering each question, try to be as specific as possible and answer with as much detail as you can.

For example, here are sample answers to the five “W” questions:

Who:Sales team of 45 people

What:Fun activity

Where:Bristol City

Why:Reward event for an awesome quarter


4. Put Together Your Guest List

Sometimes, determining your guest list will be as easy as counting the number of employees in a certain department, as in our above example about a “sales team of 45 people.” On other occasions, deciding who will be attending the team building activity may require a bit more effort.

If you’re unsure of who will be at the event, here are three important questions to ask yourself when creating your guest list:

  • Is this a mandatory event?
  • Or can anyone sign up to attend?
  • What is the maximum number of people the budget and venue can account for?
  • Will any employees with disabilities be attending?
  • Or will individuals who work remotely be invited?

Based on your answers to these questions, you should be able to put together a rough idea of who will be attending.

5. Create a Detailed Budget

The best way to put together a realistic budget is to talk to your boss. Ask how much money is available for the event, and what the expectations are for the budget.

If your boss doesn’t have a concrete number for you, ask about previous team building activities to get a sense of what the budget has been in the past. From there, you can align your costs with prior events.

Try to keep your budget realistic, but leave a little wiggle room for unexpected expenses. Our team recommends budgeting for the following items:

  • Transportation and parking
  • Venue booking and permits
  • Activity providers
  • Food and beverage
  • Insurance

You can plan out the costs for your activity and keep track of your expenses along the way with a budget table, created in Excel.

 Planning an event can be a stressful job to get right. So read our 13 Top Tips for Planning an Event to plan your event correctly.

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