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Wedding Generator Hire Bristol

Are you planning to host an outdoor wedding? It could be a wedding ceremony, reception or pre-wedding party. To ensure that everything flows seamlessly, you will need a reliable power source. At Bristol Event Generators, we will offer you a generator that will meet your needs.

We guarantee you remain fully powered no matter what happens by providing a backup generator if requested. Having attended many weddings over the year, we have the ability, knowledge, and experience to make your special event colourful.

Contact us for  generator hire in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon and Bath.

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Wedding Generator Hire Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon and Bath
  • DJ sound gear – 10 amps
  • Coffeemakers (large, commercial) – each, ten amps
  • Food warmers – each tray, ten amps
  • Dancefloor lighting (non-LED) – 10 amps
  • Dancefloor lighting – (LED) 2 amps
  • Tent lights – (up to 6 lines, incandescent) each line, five amps
  • Perimeter lighting (LED, about 20 fixtures) – 2 amps
  • Leko lights (Gobos, 1 or 2)) – each light, five amps

Our experience in providing generator hire for events throughout the south west means that you can have complete confidence in our hire equipment. 

Our team offer generator hire for security lighting,  music equipment, catering and location filming throughout Bristol and the south west. So our experience in power distribution hire is second to none.

Super Silent Generator Hire for weddings

Super Silent Generator Hire for your Marquee Wedding

Marquee and tipi weddings are becoming increasingly popular throughout Bristol and the south west. We have been providing super silent generator hire for a wide range of out door weddings and events in the local area.

Once you have found the perfect location and decided on the reception playlist, the next most important thing to consider is event power. We offer specialist equipment hire to ensure that you have the right generator to keep the lights on and the dance floor moving.

If you have never required generator hire before, do not worry. Our experienced team will provide the correct fuel, a complete maintenance check and set up all of the cabling.

Once our team have delivered your generator hire, we will fill up the fuel tank with as much diesel as we think necessary for your equipment to continue running throughout the night.

Contact us for  generator hire in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon and Bath.

Call 01172 541 059 to discuss your wedding generator hire or complete our contact form with an enquiry.

Keep the power on at your wedding

Having planned your special event for months, make sure the final day doesn’t fail for lack of sufficient power. A normal circuit holds 15 to 20 amps (approximately 2000 watts).

Since most weddings are usually held outdoors, a generator is essential to provide power for sound, live performances, air conditioning, and so much more. Including a generator to add power to your marquee is very important.

We transport generators to our customers using four-wheel drive vehicles and can, therefore, deliver and install for you regardless of your location. This includes the supply of materials that connect power for lighting, kitchens, sound, and heating systems among others.

  • 15-20 KVA Generator 
  • 50-80 KVA Generators
  • 20-40 KVA Generators
  • 100-135 KVA Generators

Contact us for  generator hire in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon and Bath.

Call 01172 541 059 to discuss your wedding generator hire or complete our contact form with an enquiry.

Why Choose Us?

We provide an efficient power management hire through the supply of generators, electricians, electrical cables, management of fuel services, as well as electrical distribution.

We directly work with event planners, marquee suppliers, party hosts, or bride and groom to ensure your event doesn’t have any power hitches.

For you to be more confident with our services, just contact our office with your event’s necessary details. We will offer you a bespoke hire package that is tailor-made to accommodate your needs and flexibility.

Apart from hiring a generator by a leading manufacturer, you will get the following services:

  • We will provide delivery and collection within 50 miles of the Bristol area. 
  • For such areas like the unsecured event sites, we will offer late night collection services.
  • Our customer support service runs for 24 hours a day.
  • We offer Distribution and Accessory planning services.
  • To assure you of having a total peace of mind, we can offer you the same specification backup generator at half price.
  • We also offer Public Liability Insurance.
  • On delivery, we will set up and perform a demonstration.
  • We provide our generators with a full tank but can add more fuel at a cost.
  • We do not limit the hours of hire.

Why choose silent generator hire?

Our super silent generators offer all of the power required to make your big day perfect. Don't worry if you do not    understand if you require a single phase distribution for your disco lights or whether you need a 50 amp or 100 amp hire is needed to power your catering equipment. Leave the technical details to our event hire team.

We offer generator hire for security lighting, large and small events and festival hire throughout the south west. So you can be confident that our mobile power supply will offer complete peace of mind. 

If your wedding is a small occasion you should be fine with a single phase generator but if you war planning a huge event that requires large amounts of power, then you can opt for the three phase hire. If you are unsure of your hire requirements, our team are happy to help you choose the generator hire that is right for your wedding.

All our hire equipment comes with a fuel tank which will have enough fuel to keep the party going until  throughout the night. We will lay the cable and read through the main directions for maintaining your generator. 

Power Requirements for a Wedding

For a wedding, you need lighting, sound system, cooking equipment, heating/air conditioning; depending on the weather, and other electronics to make your day special.

The generator will need to be on throughout the wedding, so you will need a larger sized generator to ensure it won't be overpowered. To know the power requirements, you will need to work out the power output for each of the electronics. 

Generator Volume

Generators do produce noise; however, you can get hire silent generators, which let out no noise, or much-reduced noise levels. The noise of a generator can be distracting, especially for a wedding. To find out more details about generator volume, please get in touch today.

Space Availability

If you're needing a large generator, then these can take up quite a bit of room, and need to be put on a hard surface that is completely flat. If you don't have much space, these generators may affect the aesthetics of your stunning wedding.

This is why it is important to take into account what size generator you need, and the amount of space you have at your wedding when you start planning.

Different Types of Generator

Here are the three main types of generators. They all have their similarities, which are to do with maintenance and servicing, but they do have a wide range of differences. Each is useful for different purposes:

Inverter Generator

Inverter generators work by converting AC power into DC power, and then back into AC power. This process creates a steady electrical current flow to power your appliances efficiently and reliably.

Portable Generator

Portable generators are lightweight and compact and can be moved around easily. They are widely used, especially by construction workers at building sites, and for camping trips.

Standby Generator

Standby generators are used as back-up power for when there is a power outage. They can turn themselves on automatically when the power goes out and turn themselves off automatically when the power comes back on again.

Back-Up Requirements

It is always a good idea to have a back-up generator on site, should your main generator fail. This is highly unlikely, but it is always best to be on the safe side. If you would like to find out more about generator back-up requirements, please get in touch with us today.

Contact us for  generator hire in Bristol, Cardiff, Swindon and Bath.

Call 01172 541 059 to discuss your wedding generator hire or complete our contact form with an enquiry.

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