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Festival and Concert Generator Hire

For any festival or outdoor music concert to be successful, the technical team has to be provided with adequate and reliable power. The most important aspect of keeping your event running is a generator that you can trust. 

Bristol Event Generators can supply super silent generators for hire which are perfect for festivals and concerts. We have a fleet of road tow generators and truck mounted generators making it easy for us to deliver the services to any location or site without any difficulty and on time. The generators are perfect if you wish to avoid obnoxious sound; they do not produce the loud irritating noise. They also weigh less than 3500kgs for easy mobility.

Whether your site has a fixed power system and you require back-up power or if the site needs to build a power network from scratch Bristol Event Generators will make sure that all your requirements are met without any failure or delay. 

Do you need a power supply?

Our engineering team are available for installing and maintaining the generator on site. Our team are fully trained and have many years experience in providing electricity for outdoor events. We can deliver the best services regarding generator hire, cable distribution and site lighting for any size events.

 Bristol Event Generators will meet the energy needs of big events that require more than one generator, meaning that we are in a good position to manage an event that needs more than 20 generators at once. We can help you add power to large festivals as well as exhibitions. You do not have to worry about standby power because it is also available in case it is needed.

  • 15-20 KVA Generators
  • 50-80 KVA Generators
  • 20-40 KVA Generators
  • 100-135 KVA Generators

Why Choose Us?

Our team is highly skilled in producing reliable power for supporting pre-existing systems or temporary installations. We have the experience necessary to work in any condition on the site. This includes giving solutions to sites that are under-equipped or venues in unusual locations.

Bristol Event Generators has continued to deliver the best services to clients. Our team of experts has continued to ensure that they deliver consistent power supply as well as well equipment that will not fail. You do not have to worry about the weather condition on the day of the event. The team still delivers the best in all weather conditions.

Bristol Event Generators has got enough stock of equipment to make sure that you will have your needs met at any time that you plan the event. This means that every time a client needs the services, we can rig, maintain or service our equipment while on site. 

If you are a touring our power distribution equipment includes adaptors and transformers for overseas ratings and connections.

Our generators range from  6kVA to 135kVA. The company can source for what you want in case it is not in stock. We also offer maintenance services on site in case it is needed. You can be confident that power is provided for live events without disruption.

Our services for generator rental

From sound and lighting, kitchen power for catering, air conditioning, heating power, toilets and port cabins, our company can give these services and more in any site in the UK. So if you need generator hire for festivals or music concerts in Bristol, Bath, Cardiff or Gloucester, we are your first choice.

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