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Corporate Events Generator Hire

Bristol Event Generators specialise in corporate events generator hire for Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Gloucestershire. When planning on holding an outdoor corporate event, one of the things you should consider is hiring a generator. 

Several features of a corporate event make hiring a  generator a good idea. It does not matter the kind of corporate event you are planning to hold; whether music, sports or social event. Neither is it relevant how big or small it will be. The bottom line is a generator could help run things smoothly.

First impressions count so if you are launching a product or holding a conference for your employee, make sure you make the right first impression. The type of generator you require depends on the corporate event you are holding. For example, during the winter season, the need for heating is paramount while in summer, air conditioning is essential. Therefore, depending on such factors, you will require a generator that will run through the entire weekend or day without breaking down.

  • 15-20 KVA Generators
  • 50-80 KVA Generators
  • 20-40 KVA Generators
  • 100-135 KVA Generators

What is a corporate event? 

It can be defined as any event, social or hospitality activity funded or organised by a business entity. Seeing that the definition brings so many events under the term, the target audience also is as broad and goes ahead to include:

  • Employees
  • Potential clients
  • Board members
  • Stakeholders
  • Customers
  • Public Relations

The reasons why a business may hold an event are many; they may want to celebrate achievements, educate, reward, encourage collaboration and manage organisational change. Still, whatever the reason, there is always an event solution. Therefore as you plan to hold your event, you should have the assurance that the power will not fail you. You can hence trust our power generator to not only provide you with reliable back up power but also one that is silent to keep your outdoor corporate event running smoothly.

Why choose us?

We use in-house technical designers. We have creative in-house designers who work within your budget to create a power network that meets your needs. With the right technical set up you can create breathtaking set design by enhancing it with lighting, colours visual impact and setting the audio mood of the event.

We supply excellent equipment and experienced technicians. Further, besides looking good, you want your guests to hear the message you are communicating. You can, therefore, rest assured that our attention-to-detail engineers and experience in mains distribution will convey your message with the highest level of clarity to every corner of the room. 

Besides, our equipment is designed to cater to the various demands of events such as temperature control, silence as well as cable and distribution.

When you need corporate events generator hire, you can always contact one of our project managers to give you a solution to your needs. Effective cost control and performance require proper project sizing, and you can rely on our generators for uninterrupted power supply. 

Bristol Event Generators caters to all power supply needs, providing large amounts using our multi-megawatt power generator units.